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Are you a fan of street art, skateboarding, and punk rock? Have you ever heard of the Obey brand? If not, let me introduce you to this iconic streetwear label that has been making waves since its inception in 2001.

But let's rewind back to 1988 when the cult classic movie 'They Live' hit theaters. The film tackled themes of media and government control, population manipulation, and commercialism. In one memorable scene, aliens use subliminal messaging featuring the word 'Obey' to control humans. Little did they know that this scene would inspire the birth of the Obey brand.

Fast forward to 1989 when a young Shepard Fairey was studying in New York. He created a sticker design featuring the legendary wrestler Andre the Giant. The campaign, called 'Andre The Giant Has A Posse,' quickly gained traction and saw the sticker plastered all over public spaces. The design was later altered to avoid a copyright lawsuit, resulting in the now-iconic Obey Giant logo.

The Obey brand is rooted in subcultures associated with street art, skateboarding, and punk rock. It provides a platform for artists to spread messages of questioning propaganda used to promote the agendas of those in power. The clothing itself is heavily influenced by workwear and military designs. The brand's ideology is to provide affordable art and clothing to the public while only working with companies that follow strict ethical practices.

From its humble beginnings as a sticker campaign, Obey has grown into one of the most recognized streetwear brands in the world. The brand's success is built on promoting messages that resonate with like-minded people all around the world. Its marketing and media campaigns feature simplistic images with political undertones, reflecting the original ethos of the brand.

Obey continues to be involved in the world of street art and supports messages and causes consistent with its original ideology. The brand appeals to new generations of young people and established fans through a combination of artistic value, political commentary, and charitable work. Obey has elevated itself to a level far beyond just another clothing company.

So, if you're looking to make a statement with your clothing and support a brand with a strong ethos, look no further than Obey.

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